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Exceptional individual that caters to his client.

Very well connected and has the resources to enhance your home buying or selling experience. Highly recommend David!

Jose Hernandez

David made the home buying process easy.

He handled all the behind the scene work and ended up saving me 5,000 and got the price of my dream home reduced from what the seller was asking! He is professional and an excellent communicator and connected with me every step of the way so I always knew what was occurring with my buying process. I was never left in the dark which gave me security through the purchasing experience. I would recommend David to any home buyer!

Allison Allen

David is honest, friendly and knowledgeable.

He is also very dedicated. He went the extra mile to make my deal happen.

Kweli Campbell

I would recommend David Hart to anyone wishing to buy or sell a home because of his expertise, professionalism, and prompt customer service.

Lavell Mccollum

David was great to work with.

Always providing input and information to help me understand the process and how the deal would take place as well as giving overall guidance on the properties in quest ion. A very good all around individual to work with in my opinion & I would highly recommend him


We couldn't have asked for a better Realtor, David did a phenomenal job with the purchase of our first home, as first time home buyers we were not sure of what we were really looking for, David was extremely patient with us and helped us big time in the process of discovery, always being available and giving the extra mile on our behalf, but above anything his excellent character and integrity, you could tell he is not in this business just to make money, he really has a passion for helping people finding a home and also to teach them how to take care of the home.

David taught us what to look for in a house and he lead us to an awesome deal with our new home. Thank you David!

Jean Paul Infante

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